The Way Inside – New songs

Hi and welcome to my post.  I’m excited to say that I have now got some new songs on my page and on soundcloud. A new Album called “The Way Inside” which I will be adding tracks to it as i get them done.

After searching such a long time for a mixing engineer to mix the songs I found “Brian Reeves”  and I feel he understands me.  He has an extensive track record in the music industry as a produce and sound engineer. We have been working together to add slight instrumentation to the songs to give them a feel but still stay quite simple.

It has been such a long time since i have recorded anything and that has been due to a huge lose of my confidence in music and why i did it.  all these songs have been recorded in my home studio in not really great conditions but I managed to catch the ideas to a standard i hope can touch you.

See about 3 months ago I did a little program that I made up inspired by a painting program my wife laura was doing and called it my music/Songwriting Therapy session.  I wrote and recorded 30 songs in 30 days with the intention to keep it for myself but a few of the songs I feel obligated to share and give to all who visit my site.

I couldn’t write a song without really starting to connect to how I felt in that morning and really needed to let out some deep emotions to be able to write anything.  Emotions like Anger,, Fear, hopelessness, resentment, unworthiness to name a tiny few.  I will soon be sharing the whole process so any of you that feel like connecting to yourself and finding a way inside with art as your medium will have one avenue within.  

There are many more and Jesus is constantly showing us how (  and I hope that so many more people give Him and Mary Magdalene a listen and time that is needed to learn about God and Love. There is soo much i could say about these 2 amazing people and i will surely be sharing more about them in future posts

here is a soundcloud link and I also have them on my listen tab under originals –