God in a Box

Hi,  I have just started my blog so I can let all you guys out there know what I am up to with stuff and with my artistic projects.

This is a topic that has impacted me recently.


God in a box“God in a Box”

I was at the cinema and I saw an advertisement for the local university about how society creates boxes for everything. It was great how it promoted that breaking out of the box was seen as a great achievement.   I started to think and feel about it, then about a week later I got hold of a great book called “Mister God This Is Anna.”  I don’t read many books and when my wife Laura bought it I went to it right away and didn’t put it down.

The book is about a young girl Anna (aged 5) and her relationship with Mister God.  She was remarkable.  At such a young age she realised that we are all putting God in a box and everything else – religions, life, truth and even ourselves.

I went away reflecting how much I do that myself. What I noticed was that we all created this storage warehouse of boxes to manage and control what we feel about each topic.  It is safe!  We ask the questions that the boxes have the answers for,  rarely the ones that challenge us. You know those questions that we can’t imagine the answer for, shock news flash – we can all imagine!

We put things into boxes that are acceptatable in society, in our environment and to ourselves.  Things like what a family expects of each other or the way to earn our money. The hobbies we do, the acceptable way to talk to people, what to say to a friend who is hurting and how we comfort our children when they hurt themselves, and there are many more.

My own personal journey for love and God led me to my friends, AJ Miller and Mary Luck and their teachings of Divine Truth. In a very small part of what they said, I found that pursuing my passions and desires in life is what we are here to explore, and learning to love myself, others and God.  These things will bring me joy and so far it has. I encourage experimenting with the teachings of Divine Truth and thank you my both AJ and Mary for all your beautiful words and personal interactions.

If God is infinity loving, more loving then the most loving person on the planet, knows all the truth on everyone and everything and loves me with that intensity. It would also make scene that God will not Judge me, punish me,confine me or limit me in a box. The only one doing that is me!  God whats us all to break out of any box and explore the playground which has been created for us all. See truth as an ever growing learning experience.


So boxing God and all the other things in our life is not free, it is just controlling what cant be controlled. All that we are all really saying is “Stop I know what I know and don’t want to know any more.”

We too are infinitely growing, changing and learning and if our guiding law is love then there is no end to life and Joy.

So in finishing this, I will say that my mission is to have love as my law and God as my teacher, parent and mentor, slowly helping me breaking down the boxes that I have created and managed so much in my life.

Keep loving and learning

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