New Song – I don’t wanna go there

I don’t wanna go there

This track is about the resistance to feeling who we really are and how sometimes I judge myself for that and doing that keeps me away from feeling the pain I need to feel which is really counter productive.

Feeling the that pain should always be the way to go.  You see I don’t always feel my pain and actually at the moment I feel I am in more resistance to feeling than I have ever been, but Laura did say to me the other day after I commented “I am going to have a crack at this emotion today.” She said lots of cracks will break the shell.  And it is true and in the process I feel that my desire to open up will grow too.

This song was mixed by Brian Reeves and again he has done a great job capturing who I feel I am right now.  He hired Tim Pierce to do the lead guitar line and it sounds great to me.

Hope you enjoy many more to come